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National History

When Ms. Anh Ngoc Nguyen began her education at the University of Georgia, it was difficult to find friends who could understand and relate to her Asian background. In the predominantly white school of 30,000 students, minorities, especially Asians, were very underrepresented. Worse was the lack of unity among the few Asians on campus. In the Winter of 1998, Ms. Anh Ngoc Nguyen and Ms. Theresa Sung discussed the idea of creating an Asian-Interest Sorority at the University of Georgia. With the support of her family and friends, Ms. Nguyen began her quest to find other females who shared a common belief: promoting Asian awareness through sisterhood. Her quest led to the formation of the founding class.

The founders felt a need for an Asian-Interest Sorority to promote Asian awareness on campus. They wanted to educate their peers about the Asian culture and to strip away the stereotypes that were attributed to Asians. They felt that a sorority would serve the community much better than joining a club because they felt the Asian clubs were often limited in serving the entire Asian community as a whole. Because these organizations were often segregated into their own ethnic backgrounds, they tended to promote their own culture. The founding sisters felt that Asian cultures could be better exhibited and promoted on campus through a sorority.

Also, the ever changing status and membership enrollments in these clubs varied from semester to semester due to the lack of mandatory attendance policies and motivation, making it difficult to form lasting friendships. The turnovers of officers at elections were often dramatic and often led to strife within the clubs. It was not a matter of who was the best person for the job, but who had the most support.

In addition, most students who move away from home to attend college get homesick. Thus, the sorority wanted to provide a sisterhood for girls with the guidance and support similar to that of a family. With these goals in mind, the founding class: Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Theresa Sung, Sarah Chong Mi Cho, Carmela De Guzman, Yvonne Minh Ta, Linh Khanh Do, and Rebecca Kim Stephenson took on the enormous task of creating Delta Phi Lambda on December 5, 1998. They suffered many setbacks and heartbreaks facing opposition from their school, peers, and competitors, but they were adamant in their beliefs and continued their mission to create an organization that nurtures the talents of its future members.


National Quick Facts




Greek Letters

Greek Letters

Delta Phi Lambda



Navy Blue & Silver



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We, the Sisters of Delta Phi Lambda, pledge to wholly dedicate our mind, body, and spirit to the completion of our mission. We will seek to improve the image of the Asian-American. We will achieve this by acknowledging and spreading our unique Asian heritage. The bond between the Sisters will set an example for others in the Asian community. We will set this example by displaying the virtues of loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication, integrity, discipline, and academic excellence. We hold these virtues to be true and will execute them in every venture the Sorority will undertake. Delta Phi Lambda will remain strong through unity, and our legacy will live on through the works of the Sisters.

Mission Statement

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness, empowers women leaders through its values-based programs, and forges Everlasting Sisterhood through diverse shared experiences.

Vision Statement

Delta Phi Lambda will be the sorority that is recognized by universities and among the greater fraternal community for its progressive initiatives that aim to develop women into strong, independent leaders.


Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Dedication, Integrity, Discipline, Academic Excellence

Quick Facts

  • Founded: December 5, 1998 at the University of Georgia

  • Founders: Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Theresa Sung, Sarah Chong Mi Cho, Carmela de Guzman, Yvonne Minh Ta, Linh Khanh Do, and Rebecca Kim Stephenson

  • Also Known As: DFL, DPhiL, Dedicated Female Leaders®, Ladies in Navy Blue and Silver

  • Membership: 1,500+ Initiated Members, 23 Collegiate Chapters, 4 Alumnae Chapters

  • Phrases: Dedicated Female Leaders®, Everlasting Sisterhood®, Let Our Light Shine Forth

  • Affiliations and Partnerships:

  • National Philanthropy: Osteoporosis Awareness

    • Our partnership with American Bone Health provides opportunities for members to become peer-educators. As trained educators, members can educate local communities about risk factors and preventative measures for osteoporosis.

  • National Publication: Founded as The Jade Times Newsletter in 2009, the official publication of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. has evolved into EVERLASTING Magazine. The magazine is meant to inform, educate and inspire our members on subjects relevant to our sorority, our chapters, and the fraternal community. Through this content, we encourage members to engage in meaningful dialogue, celebrate the accomplishments of our sisters, and equip our Dedicated Female Leaders® to make a positive impact in their communities.

  • National Initiatives: Advocating for Asian Awareness, Empowering Dedicated Female Leaders®, Providing Everlasting Sisterhood®, Promoting Osteoporosis Awareness, Advocating for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Learn More

  • National Programs and Events: National Convention, Chapter Excellence Program (CEP), National Alumnae Mentoring Program, 3C's Philanthropy Program. Learn More

National Policies

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